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Shooting Range
Shooting Range
Shooting Range
Shooting Range
Shooting Range
Shooting Range

Shooting Range

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The complexity of assembly: 4 Level
Assembly time:  6-8 hours
Quantity of parts: 490 wooden kits
Materials: High-quality plywood; no glue or cutting required.
Model size, l*w*h:  29.52*12.6*6.3 in (750*320*160 mm)
Packing size, l*w*h: 14.37*14.37*1.97 in (365*365*50 mm)
Weight of the package: 5.34 lb (2.42 kg)



The robotic model “Shooting Range” by Wood Trick is a unique smart toy in the field of robotics, combining eco-friendly plywood and modern electronics, developing logical thinking, forming practical skills of working with electronic devices and wooden mechanisms.
After constructing it, you will get an exciting game – robotic model “Shooting Range”. This game can be played either alone or together with friends armed with any children’s weapons. The goal of the game is to prevent the invasion of alien invaders and protect humanity. And only an accurate shooter will cope with the task and repel numerous attacks of combat droids.
The game has ten missions, in each of which you will have to face not only a different number of enemies but also different classes of droids, from a scout to an enhanced combat droid.
Therefore, you will need significant ammunition. The set includes a pistol with two clips of 8 bullets each but you can use any type of children’s weapons. For example, it can be a nerf or an airsoft rifle. The main thing is to take into account the shooting power of your weapon, so as not to break the target.
Number of opponents based on the mission:

  • introductory mission 0 – 8 droids
  • mission 1 - 12
  • mission 2 – 15
  • mission 3 – 10
  • mission 4 – 15
  • mission 5 – 16
  • mission 6 – 16
  • mission 7 – 10
  • mission 8 – 16
  • mission 9 – 16
  • mission 10 - 10
  • final 11 – counting successfully completed tasks.

The goal is to hit the enemy in the allotted time (15 seconds). Otherwise, the droid is considered active. But hitting a stationary target is too simple and boring. Therefore, the robotic shooting gallery is equipped with an electric motor, so the enemy changes the direction of movement and distance. Thus, all droids have a unique behavior on the battlefield.
The model is equipped with a sound module with a speaker for various sound effects: sounds of enemy guns firing, sounds of hitting the target, negotiations with the command, etc., which makes the gameplay more exciting.
The shooter (or a team of shooters) is assumed to be located just below the target. Thus, the enemy initially becomes invisible, hiding behind a screen in the form of corrugated cardboard with a pattern. The servo drive raises and lowers the target, automatically hiding the initial location of the enemy, who constantly changes its location.
Language options, volume control, etc. are set using the remote radio control.
The robotic shooting gallery model is powered by four AA batteries. We recommend using Duracell batteries. Their continuous operation lasts for at least six hours. If you install a Duracell AA rechargeable battery instead of batteries, you will be able to charge it repeatedly, and you will not have to regularly change the dead batteries. You will also need to purchase both a rechargeable battery and a charger for it.
The “Shooting Range” robotic model is absolutely safe (subject to the rules of precaution) and is a great gift for you and your friends and relatives.

  • The model kit comes with clear, simple and very detailed instruction with illustrations.
  • Wood Trick wooden models are made from safe and environmentally friendly wood from all-natural trees without any added toxins or glues.
  • Even children can play with WoodTrick 3D puzzles, although we recommend parental supervision.
  • Every Wood Trick model:
    • enhances creative thinking skills,
    • promotes critical thinking skills,
    • develops problem-solving and reasoning skills.

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