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About Wood Trick Company

Wooden mechanical model, 3D puzzle, for children and adults. Perfect gift for him. Learning game, Educational toy, Wooden toys

Our mission:

We want to join hearts across the generations and without black screens.
WoodTrick is about passing the craftsmanship and knowledge from generation to generation, near the family fireplace at home or at the grandfather's old wooden table, full of memories.

Woodtrick’s models are the best way to spend time with son, dad or even alone and spend time in real life, in a world without VR or without social media notifications, which never ends.

Calm and silence. It’s your time to get it together.
It can be even your meditation ritual if you wish so.

WoodTrick’s 3D wooden mechanical models called to interest the young people in the creation of the physical objects and awaken the desire to spend time mastering something great with hands and  logic, problem-solving skills, and abstract thinking through the assembling process and imagination.

And of course, we honor the traditions and nature, therefore, all our models are eco-friendly, totally safe, manufactured from recycled materials, and no tools or glue are required to assemble them.



Wood Trick – is a manufacturer of 3D wooden mechanical models for kids and adults.

Wood Trick self-propelled models are 100% ecologically natural, they are produced from wood and designed for self-assembly without glue and chemical materials.

Every Wood Trick 3D wooden model has a unique design and mechanical features. The assembling of model kits is a pleasant, interesting and challenging occupation both for kids and experienced constructors.

Wood Trick wooden models make great toys, gifts, or souvenirs for engineers of all ages. Models are manufactured in Berdyansk, Ukraine in accordance with all quality standards.

If you require any further information, feel free to contact us.


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