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3 reasons why should you stop using plastic.

why should you stop using plastic. wooden toys vs plastic toys.

Three reasons why should you stop using plastic:

1. Plastic - is the main devastating issue on our planet. It is the reason for dead rivers, sources, polluted oceans. Millions of animals are dying because of plastic bottles, toys and other things that get into nature.

2. Scientists are in the panic because of this problem. The amount of plastic pollution is only growing. The first thing we all need to do is to stop using it on regular basis and reconsider our consuming behavior.

3. The amount of plastic pollution is growing by at least 10-15 mln tons annually, and the total amount of plastic waste has passed the threshold of 300 mln tons.

Why is that? The answer is simple - because people keep buying it!

You are responsible for what you buy. By reducing the consumption of plastic things you can and will save the planet!


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