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How We Used to Perceive the Wheel of Fortune?

Many people associate Wheel of Fortune with Power Ball lottery shows in which the host rotates a drum containing several balls with numbers inscribed on it. The balls go into a special tank and the numbers from those balls end up giving the winning combination. The person who bought the lottery ticket with the winning combination gets the prize.
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The Wheel of Fortune: How WoodTrick Works?

The idea was to let you place a bet, spin the wheel, and see if the number matched the number you played at the start of the game. Place your chosen number on the slider at the bottom of the Wheel of Fortune to set your chance. Then, lower the lever, which will spin the Wheel of Fortune reel. The number that falls out will be visible in the frame at the top of the wheel. Everything is as simple as possible.
Are you ready to try your luck?
Wheel of Fortune is a customized wooden 3D model from WoodTrick. We make all the parts for the model out of plywood, which we also sand carefully so that it is pleasant to the touch.

The advantage is that our model is also completely harmless to the environment and your health. To assemble the model, use the instructions with pictures included in the kit. Here we show you how to assemble the parts to build your Wheel of Fortune. You will not even need to use glue to assemble it. Wheel of Fortune is a great puzzle that will be fun for you and your friends. Try your luck and see if your intuition can guess the winning number!

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With toothpicks
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No glue
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  • Complexity
    2 level
  • Model Dimensions
    5.3*5.2*4.5 in
  • Number of pieces
  • Package Dimensions
    14.56*7.28*1.38 in
  • Assembly time
    1-2 hours
  • Package Weight
    1.8 lb
Download the tutorial↓
Each kit includes a printed manual. But if yours is damaged or you prefer the online version, you can download the pdf manual for the model here.
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Wheel of Fortune

Few people know that the Wheel of Fortune did not come to us from television ... Few people know that the Wheel of Fortune did not come to us from television shows and lotteries. Fortuna, the goddess who spins the wheel, randomly predetermines who will or will not get lucky. But, in WoodTrick Wheel of Fortune, things are a little simpler. We created this model to give you exciting entertainment and a chance to try your fortune.