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What is the general rule with motor vehicles?

A general rule with motor vehicles is the more wheels it has – the better. So when bikes don’t do it for you anymore, it’s time to get on a quad.

Four-wheeled goodness with a wind-up mechanism and a convenient compartment for miniature traveling supplies is what this high-quality plywood model is.

If you are a model enthusiast, a quad bike enthusiast, a loving parent, a curious kid or a miniature biker – this kit was made with you specifically in mind.

Put the model together, wind up the engine and let the road show you the way. That’s life, isn’t it?

Quad Bike - WoodTrick's 3d wooden mechanical model. Learning game. Kits to build.

Order this one and check out this rule! More wheels - more fun!

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- Original and detailed Quad Bike wooden model will be a gem of your collection.

This wooden mechanical toy will be a gem of your collection.

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