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Take a trip back down the memory lane to the last time you rode a Ferris Wheel.

Take a trip back down the memory lane to the last time you rode a Ferris Wheel. Chances are that memory is light and happy, trailing back to simpler and warmer times in your life.

The magical nature of this otherwise relatively unremarkable ride makes it so that it’s somehow only connected to events that we hold precious.

Be it care-free childhood, first date or spending time with kids of your own. We take a Ferris Wheel to ride not thinking much about it just to have fun together with people we love and appreciate.

Be it as it may, but this nostalgic ride has become more of a symbol than just another attraction. There’s hardly anyone who can’t fill the magic of a short-lived yet strangely, almost impossibly enticing journey.

As you slowly drift further and further away from the ground you enter what feels like a different world where people and chores that were always around you are now distant and unimportant.

You can rarely bring that feeling of serenity back down to the ground with you even though you sometimes need it badly when you’re weighed down by the routine. So just grab a little reminder of that journey for either yourself or your close friends and family.

A tiny Ferris wheel on your shelf will always be able to pull your mind off the ground and into the skies for a much-needed bird’s eye view.


Ferris Wheel - Wooden 3D mechanical model. No glue or cutting required Construction set.jpg


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