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21 February 2024


Hey, friends, do you miss the thrill of something new? Because we sure do!

And to kick off the new WoodTrick year, we've decided to do it with a real sensation – a brand-new model featuring a record-breaking 1180 pieces. Introducing our latest release – interactive Offshore Rig Platform, which will impress even the most seasoned assemblers!

But let's start our journey with a mini quiz.

Do you enjoy discovering new things? Are you fascinated by unconventional mechanisms? Ready to dive into an assembly marathon lasting over 14 hours?

We knew you'd answer YES to all three! 

Our exciting new arrival, the Offshore Rig Platform, has it all, and now's the time to get to know this model better 😊

So, why Offshore Rig Platform

A quick note on why we chose the oil extraction industry as the theme for our new construction set. First off, «black gold» is the backbone of our modern life – it powers our energy, fuels our vehicles, and even contributes to things like making car tires. And did you know that some components of oil are used in the production of medicines? For instance, phenol is essential for manufacturing the well-known aspirin.

Moreover, the extraction of oil is a highly complex yet fascinating process for an engineer. So, our engineering team couldn't resist this challenge 😎 We took inspiration from a real offshore oil platform and tried to recreate all its essential components: drilling rig, loading tools, movable platform, rescue equipment, and more.

Did you know this job is super tough?

Drilling for oil in the deep sea is a 24/7, 365-days-a-year story, and the working conditions are truly challenging. Oil workers in the offshore industry need to be ready to work hard and be quite fearless. The combination of open water and easily flammable oil creates a risky scenario, so it's important that offshore oil platforms are packed with everything from firefighting gear to helicopters and boats for getting out fast. Typically, more than 120 people work on these marine giants, ensuring continuous exploration and drilling for oil. A shift for one crew lasts 2-3 weeks, and then it is replaced by another. 

The biggest WoodTrick with 1180 pieces

Without exaggeration, the offshore drilling platform is a genuine engineering marvel. So, it's no wonder that we needed a whopping 1180 pieces to recreate its structure in maximum detail. Our brand-new model is equipped with three massive supports and an adjustable platform that can change its height by moving up or down along the supports. In addition, the Offshore Rig Platform features various interactive elements, such as a bathyscaphe, movable lifting cranes, rescue equipment, and even a helicopter.

But the coolest part? It's got a drilling option. The drill is powered by a spring motor and can operate for up to 75 seconds on a single winding of the mechanism. You can take charge of the platform's operation using special "On/Off" levers.

Currently, the Offshore Rig Platform is the largest and most complex model in the WoodTrick collection. With a record-breaking 1180 pieces, an incredible level of detail, and interactive elements, it's sure to appeal to experienced assemblers seeking an engineering challenge that will blow their minds. Clear your schedule for at least 14-16 hours and let's dive into assembling this captivating marine giant!

New 3d wooden constructor from WoodTrick is ready to order. 

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