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Introduce Lyra Da Vinci

Despite this fact, some masters (for instance, Fabio Chiari) were able to reconstruct Leonardo da Vinci’s version of the lyra. Wooden materials from the Tuscan countryside were used, in addition to pear and boxwood for the small parts of the construction. Moreover, they used the varnish that has a natural resin base, like that Italian luthiers did in around the 15th and 16th century.

Inspired by the history of Lyra, our engineers have created our own  analogue of Da Vinci’s Lyra, which will be not only a charming element of interior, but also a wonderful musical instrument.

This constructor is perfect for assembly with children or the whole family. It takes from 3 to 4 hours to assemble our Lyra. And after you can finally start mastering a new musical instrument😍

Enjoy Da Vinci’s Lyra and don’t forget to share with us your experience ❤️

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