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Ferris Wheel on your bookshelf. Can you imagine it? 😱

Fit a Ferris Wheel on the top of your palm. Using the powers of their minds engineers shrunk this majestic structure to let you enjoy it right from your home.

Easy and intuitive assembly uses perfectly cut plywood parts and will provide an evening of entertainment to any modeling enthusiast.

The finished model, on the other hand, will become the centerpiece decoration of your household for months and months to come.

An amazing gift, suitable for anyone from the youngest kid to the most sophisticated collector.

Ferris Wheel - WoodTrick's Wooden 3D mechanical model kit. No glue or cutting required Construction set.jpg

Get this one, assemble it and find a perfect spot for Ferris Wheel at your home.

Or check out the list of Wood Trick's models and find your perfect wooden mechanical model.

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