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Dive into the era of gentlemen, cobblestone streets and steam.

Dive into the era of gentlemen, cobblestone streets and steam with this fabulous 3D mechanical model kit.

This wooden model kit of the first car prototype will take you right back to those days where digital technologies weren’t even dreamt of and the cog ruled supreme.

It may not have a stereo or a GPS but what it lacks in practicality it makes up plenty in innate charm.

The inside workings of this replica are as close to its real-world counterpart as possible. Virtually every part of it can be moved, its mechanism works perfectly.

If it was a tad bit bigger there’s no doubt it could’ve been used as a transport. Oh well, for now, let’s settle for a cool toy and a cooler collector piece and will see what future brings us next.

First Car - Wooden 3D mechanical model. No glue or cutting required Construction set


Get this one, assemble it and dive into the non-digital era.

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