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15 August 2023
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Top DIY Kits for Adults: Explore New Hobbies and Skills

Top DIY Kits for Adults: Explore New Hobbies and Skills

Do you know a reason to stop having fun when you are a serious adult person with a serious job? We agree, no reasons at all. That’s why people have hobbies. Sports, cooking, traveling and many other cool things make us happy and recharge our batteries. And of course, DIY wood kits for adults are always at the top of popular hobbies for all.   

Fascinating 3D wooden puzzles from WoodTrick are developed by professional engineers to bring incredible impressions to every hobbyist. Are you excited about machinery, science, history, music, space, or maybe robots? WoodTrick makes it all – of course after you turn the puzzle pieces into a thematic wooden 3d model with your own hands. So, if you are looking for high-quality craft kits for adults – here we are! 

In WoodTrick we produce the best adult craft kits for all DIY fans in different categories. 

Are you a car enthusiast, complicated puzzles lover, or Star Wars fan? We have prepared a big encyclopedia of DIY kits for adults, sorted by interests. Check our assortment, choose your favs, and start your dizzying DIY journey today! 

Transport DIY kits

Two is always better than one, that’s why we have two Machinery series: Modern and Vintage. There you will find awesome 3D wooden models of cars and other transport: ships, locomotives, tractors, motorcycles or even cosmic machines. Look up our selection of thematic transport DIY kits:


Hot Rod

Vintage and luxurious Hot Rod is well known as an «old American car», something from the Golden Epoch of Hollywood. In the 1930s, it was the most desirable automobile in the USA. Stylish and powerful, Hot Rod made a symbol of success and richness for its owner. Now Hot Rods are a part of history – they gave way to the next generation of vehicles. But the idea of assembling this gorgeous vintage car with your own hands is always brilliant! 

Number of pieces: 280 Assembly time: 4 hours Complexity: 3 level


Monster Truck

Oh, these wheels! They can conquer any off-road. Massive and high-powerful pickup tracks are designed for extreme racing competitions, and we created one of them! Monster Track from WoodTrick is equipped with a spring motor and can move up to 6 meters at a time. Assemble the model, try it in different road conditions, and make your speed records! 

Number of pieces: 556 Assembly time: 3-5 hours Complexity: 4 level


Atlantic Express

Get to know our bestseller of all times – a wooden 3d model of the legendary Atlantic Express! One of the first locomotives to transport people on long distances began the era of travel. We took inspiration from this King of railroads and created its detailed miniature. The kit includes motor and rubber bands, which make the locomotive move when assembled. Sheldon Cooper recommends it! 

Number of pieces: 636 Assembly time: 8-9 hours Complexity: 5 level


Ocean Explorer Yacht

What is hidden in the depths of the sea? The famous oceanographer Jacques-Yves Cousteau and his constant partner-in-travels «Сalypso» yacht know the answers. We created a wooden model of Calypso for those who are in love with adventures and exploring the ocean's secrets. It has original details, added by Cousteau to make it a research yacht: helicopters, submarines, underwater tools, and others. Assemble the ship and get ready for the expedition!

Number of pieces: 565 Assembly time: 6-8 hours Complexity: 5 level


Electric DIY kits

Assembling something huge and beautiful from small pieces is always interesting, but we’ve found a way to make it even more entertaining. In some models, we added electric motors powered by batteries. Discover our unique Electric series and enjoy the next level assembling journey with WoodTrick DIY electronics kits for adults!


Spiral Marble Run

One of the most relaxing things is to observe the marbles run along the track. Another cool relaxing thing we offer you is to assemble the spiral track for the marbles with your own hands. This interactive 3D wooden model has 3 original tracks for the balls, a special «paw» to lift the balls to the start position, and a spreading mechanism, which moves the balls on the steps and tracks. An electric motor, included in the kit, makes the marbles run non-stop.

Number of pieces: 558 Assembly time: 6-8 hours Complexity: 5 level


Kinetic Clock: Modern

What if something quite ordinary (we mean a table clock) is combined with something…hmm, exotic (we mean kinetic art)? Kinetic Clock is it! Or, as many call it, «How is that possible!» clock. Okay, we will open the secret – a special mechanism makes the clock hands float in space. But even if you know that impressions are awesome!

P.s.: WoodTrick Kinetic Clock is also available in Zodiac design.

Number of pieces: 157 Assembly time: 4-6 hours Complexity: 4 level


Space DIY kits

Hands up for cosmic adventures! Are you ready to conquer space and lead an expedition to Mars? Are you the hero who will protect the Earth from the alien invasion? Well, you will need some stuff for your spectacular cosmic missions. In our Space DIY kits selection, you’ll find thematic wooden 3d models inspired by Star Wars, undiscovered planets, and far galaxies.   

Space Junk Robot

As we know from Star Wars, it’s nice to have a friendly robot on your side when you travel around the Universe. Take this cute Space Junk Robot with you! Its mission is to collect space trash, and it is good at it. This mechanical wooden model has wheels to move on different surfaces, a hand-operated drive, and a cleaner’s bucket, where you can put small things up to 100 grams. Assemble the robot and protect the space environment from trash and pollution!

Number of pieces: 358 Assembly time: 6-7 hours Complexity: 3 level


Galaxy Marble Run

Hello space fans, we have something very special for you! Are you ready to make an incredible cosmic journey among planets and stars? To create this Marble Run DIY kit, we took the idea from the perpetual motion machine, the inspiration from the Galaxy, and some interesting features from mechanics and physics. Now it’s your turn – come on, assemble it, and make the marbles move! 

Number of pieces: 678 Assembly time: 6-8 hours Complexity: 5 level


Mars Rover

Long before Elon Musk decided to colonize Mars, the red planet was the subject of NASA's scientific interest. So, NASA has built the Perseverance Mars Rover to investigate the conditions on Mars and sent it to the planet's surface. We designed a wooden miniature of the NASA Mars Rover with the most vital attention to detail. It is equipped with unique scientific tools to explore life on Mars, as well as wheels with gum covering and a special mechanism for moving caterpillars.  

Number of pieces: 272 Assembly time: 3-4 hours Complexity: 3 level


Weapon DIY kits

One more unique selection of WoodTrick 3D wooden kits by interest is the Special Forces series. Whether you are fond of military technologies or looking for a thematic souvenir for somebody who collects rare guns, look for our craft wooden pistols and machine guns. Nice choice to have some fun time with an interesting assembly and get a unique weapon model to your collection.   


Assault gun AR-T

Get ready for a big battle with a pro of big battles – An assault gun AR-T wooden 3D model! The first thing you should know about this powerful rifle is that it shoots. Of course, after you assemble it. An assault gun is realistic and interactive, so you can practice shooting targets with it or play a tactic game with your friends. The kit includes a 12-round clip, and the firing range is 7-8 meters.

Number of pieces: 272 Assembly time: 3-4 hours Complexity: 3 level


Steam Tank

Everybody, who is interested in the history of warfare, knows that the invention of gunpowder changed everything. Later, people found a way to move big guns on wheels. This is how tanks appeared, and they changed everything again. We made a wooden 3d model of this iron warrior, so now you can learn its features and fill. Steam Tank DIY kit includes a mechanical drive motor and a track system, which makes the machine maneuverable. Test it on different surfaces! 

Number of pieces: 381 Assembly time: 4-5 hours Complexity: 3 level


Defenders gun

This DIY model is a real-looking wooden replica of a handgun – perhaps the most popular type of weapon in the world. Of course, it doesn’t perform all «classic» weapons’ functions. But its functionality is sure to impress all DIY enthusiasts excited about weapon technologies. WoodTrick Defenders gun is about beauty in details, interesting assembly, and safe practice. Having 2 magazines and 8 bullets, it can shoot but is secure to use.

Number of pieces: 256 Assembly time: 3-4 hours Complexity: 2 level


Puzzles DIY Kits

Want some bright DIY emotions? Just look at these original 3d jigsaw puzzles – they will make you forget about boredom! We put much effort to guarantee the highest quality of our DIY games and to impress you even in detail. For example, some puzzle parts of Brave Husky from the Lucky Puppies series are made in the form of bones and dog breeds. Jewel Butterfly, Sparkle Unicorn, other funny animals and fantastic heroes – it's hard to keep from smiling when you assemble these cuties. Discover the collection of WoodTrick colored puzzles and create a masterpiece with your own hands!

See the collection of WoodTrick puzzles


Art and music DIY kits

Just a quick reminder: in the WoodTrick collection of craft DIY kits for adults, you can find everything and more on the theme of your hobby. Same thing when you are looking for a thematic present. If you need something related to art and music – check out our selection of elegant boxes and handcrafted musical instruments.  


Mystery flower

We are sure you know someone who needs a beauty box. Or another beauty box to the collection because it’s something one can never have enough of. Or maybe it’s you who needs this incredible handcrafted beauty box immediately? In addition to the stylish flower design, it also has a cute music secret – the box plays the well-known Beethoven tune «To Elise» when you open it. Can you imagine a better place to keep the jewels?    

Number of pieces: 278 Assembly time: 2-3 hours Complexity: 4 level


Lyra da Vinci

This is a little version of the original instrument Leonardo da Vinci played. Being a nice collection souvenir for all music and science fans, it also is an instrument – you can play the music after you assemble it. Two strings are included in the Lyra da Vinci model kit, and the design is truly impressive – we designed an opened system so that a musician could watch the workings of the gears. This is how music comes from within the instrument! 

Number of pieces: 227 Assembly time: 3-4 hours Complexity: 3 level


Treasure Box

Natural wood, stylish design with elegant carvings, simple but smart opening mechanism, and 7 compartments – this wooden box has everything to become your fav place to keep jewels or other small precious things. But we love to surprise, so we added one more unique feature. Do you see the glow of the box cover? These are Swarovski crystals, and they are included in the kit. Agree, this WoodTrick Treasure box is a treasure in itself!    

Number of pieces: 192 Assembly time: 4-6 hours Complexity: 3 level


Thematic DIY kits

Nothing makes a holiday mood like a special thematic décor. Oh, wait, we know the thing that can be even better! What about making cool Christmas or Halloween decorations with your own hands? Discover the collection of our thematic wooden DIY kits and brighten the holidays with incredible emotions! P.s.: the idea to share assembling pleasure with your friends and family is always awesome :)    


Christmas ball

This is what Christmas magic looks like. Made of entirely natural wood and originally carved, this cute decoration is always on top of the trends, and we officially appoint this fascinating 3D wooden puzzle to be a centerpiece of the Christmas tree. Another cool feature of this puzzle toy is a hidden compartment, where you can put a small New Year present for your loved ones. And, of course, our Christmas ball can be a nice Christmas present itself.

Number of pieces: 192 Assembly time: 4-6 hours Complexity: 3 level


Happy Halloween

When it comes to the end of October, we don’t have a task more important than choosing the scariest Halloween outfit. For our Happy Halloween 3d wooden model, we decided to choose the look of the cool Addams Family. Are you scared? No? Okay, what about the red backlight and the ghost dance with an enigmatic melody? Interactive and challenging, our Halloween DIY kit is ready to throw a party mood and surprise your guests with sophisticated details.

Number of pieces: 73 Assembly time: 1-2 hours Complexity: 2 level


Want more craft wooden DIY kits? 

Check our website and choose to sort by themes in the Store.

We offer more than 100 unique models of 3D wooden constructors and be sure you will find a kit for your hobby!