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20 May 2019
Maya Calendar - Wooden 3D mechanical model. No glue or cutting required Construction set

Always a right time with Maya calendar

Day 8. We continue our way through the jungles of ancient history and art in search of inspiration for the next model. People are tired and rations are running low but I know we are bound to find what we are looking for sooner or later.

Day 11. Our prayers have been answered as we finally struck gold! A mysterious piece of Mayan technology was right in front of us this whole time. Now we can turn back with our prize and be out with it in no time.

Day 14. We may or may not be lost, it’s too early to tell yet. We’ve been backtracking for days now and I think we should’ve been back home yesterday but we’re still nowhere near the finish line. The dense flora is blocking the sun so it’s hard to tell how much time has passed. People are starting to get worried. We’ll try our best to keep them calm and press on, nothing else left to do.

Day 18. The dire situation sparked a small mutiny. Thank Пod for the Mayan calendar. Using this ancient piece of technology we were able to figure out the days weren’t passing as quickly as we thought. Damn these endless trees. Anyways, it turned out we have an entire day to reach the edge of the forest. I can already picture the results of this adventure, not a drop of the inspiration we got from this expedition will be wasted!

Maya Calendar - Wooden 3D mechanical model. No glue or cutting required Construction set


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