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01 June 2023
Add to favorites: new Liberty Eagle makes a dizzying flight

Add to favorites: new Liberty Eagle makes a dizzying flight

In WoodTrick we have a mission and a passion: to develop impressive and realistic wooden 3d constructors. Every model is inspired by smth significant. Of course, assembling is the biggest part of engineering joy, but we also love to share with you interesting stories and facts about the world.

This time we decided to create a new 3d wooden model in American style to celebrate a big holiday: Independence Day. So, we asked our friends: what do you guys consider the most recognizable symbol of the USA? And you know what? There are only two kinds of people: those who talk about the Statue of Liberty, and those who insist that America = Eagle!

Hmm, they all are right!

Both symbols are well-known, and two is always better than one…   

Discover our newest release: Liberty Eagle





A piece of New York

This spectacular model from WoodTrick Mechanisms series demonstrates the beauty of New York, one of the biggest megacities of the world. Urban and authentic at the same time, full of skyscrapers and cozy parks, His Majesty «Big Apple» is on top of must-visit places. To see the Statue of Liberty with your own eyes – oh, it's priceless. To assemble the Statue of Liberty in the company of American Eagle – okay, also nice idea :)


Assemble and make the Eagle fly

The Liberty Eagle flies above the miniature of New York – and yes, it really flies. This model is interactive and comes with a motor, so you can make the wings move and see the flight of Freedom. By the way, it has complexity level 3, which means golden middle. 308 pieces and about 6 - 8 hours of assembling (but faster, if you do it with friends).  


Plans for July the 4th?

We guess the vacancy of the ideal gift for Independence Day is closed, agree? Clever, gorgeous and symbolic Liberty Eagle wooden constructor is a great present for your American friends and for those who love the American lifestyle.

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