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Train story

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Wooden Train Puzzles for Adults


Welcome to the Train Story collection at Woodtrick. Here, you'll find a selection of unique 3D wooden train puzzles for adults, designed to provide an engaging and stimulating experience.

Why Choose Our Train Story Collection?

Our Train Story collection offers a unique blend of fun, creativity, and mental stimulation. Here's why you should consider these puzzles:

  • Self-assembling puzzles from natural materials
  • No glue or cutting required
  • Free US Shipping on orders over $39.99

Featured Puzzles in Our Train Story Collection

Our Train Story collection features a variety of wooden train puzzles for adults, each with its unique design and challenge.

Locomotive R17

Our Locomotive R17 puzzle is a favorite among train enthusiasts. With its intricate design and high-quality wood, it's a joy to assemble.

Atlantic Express

Experience the grandeur of the Atlantic Express through our puzzle. Its complex design will keep you engaged for hours.

Chug-Chug Train

Perfect for beginners, our Chug-Chug Train puzzle is an excellent start to your puzzle journey. Its simple yet captivating design is sure to entertain.

Start Your Puzzle Journey Today with Our Train Story Collection

Ready to embark on a journey of fun and creativity? Explore our Train Story collection of wooden train puzzles for adults and find the perfect challenge for you. At Woodtrick, we believe in the power of puzzles to inspire, challenge, and entertain. Start your puzzle journey today!