World Map L

🌍🌎🌍From generation to generation, man is always driven by curiosity. There are no borders and barriers to the desire to learn something new.
🙆‍♀️Along with 💚Wood Trick💚 “World Map L”, you can feel like a discoverer going farther and farther into uncharted lands.
📌A characteristic feature of the 🌍“World Map L”🌍 is not only the informative side, but also the design solution. After all, the Map is ideal gift for both travel lovers and loved ones.
🌍🌎🌍Wall “World Map L” will serve as a wonderful addition to your❤️ interior, since it:
☑️made from high quality birch plywood;
☑️consists of 64 parts;
☑️language of inscriptions on the map – English;
☑️the size of the model is – 1000 * 600 * 4;
☑️ultra detailed, you can mark your travels with notes.
Only a 💚Wood Trick💚 Map can bring the real happiness, and the opportunity to be a little Christopher Columbus😍.
Let’s open the unknown lands TOGETHER!

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