Set of guns

💐💐💐Somehow we have moved, girls are given dolls, outfits, and boys are given cars and pistols. After all, everyone wants a real man to grow out of a boy. Ever since early childhood, boys have been addicted to pirate games, shooters, games of thieves, etc. 👆As the filibuster “biographer” Alexander Ekskvemelin said, the favorite occupation of pirates is shooting at a target and cleaning weapons. ⚔️🔫And their weapons are truly magnificent – guns and pistols.
♥️A great alternative to pirate weapons can serve as our “SET OF GUNS”. 🎀This fascinating designer has as many as 2 pistols, which are easily charged using stationery gum, as well as a shooting gallery. The shooting range consists of four targets, at which two shooters can shoot at once.
💐💐💐Environmental friendliness, originality, refinement, accuracy – these are the components of Wood Trick’s models. All the best for you and your family!
💟Wondering where to buy 3d puzzle? Here’s a hint to you, follow the link, and go straight to the desired model.

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