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replacement parts for any model (2 sheets)

replacement parts for any model (2 sheets)

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To make an order for the replacement sheet, please add the "replacement parts for any model" product to the cart and before the check out please add a note to the order with the model's name and with the number of the sheet.
Here is the example:

The number of the sheet you may found in the left bottom corner of each sheet.
Here is the example:



We work to ensure that the assembly of our models brings the highest level of satisfaction and joy to our customers. If in the process of an assembly of our models a certain detail sustained unintentional damage, we’ll be glad to replace it for you.

If it was damaged during delivery/manufacturing, we will replace damaged parts for free.
Please contact us via info@woodtrick.com with the issue.

If part/parts was/were broken during assembling we provide our customers with paid replacement:
The cost of 1 sheet of replacement.
The cost of 2 sheets of replacement.

To get a replacement you may purchase the replacement sheet using next pages:
1 sheet of replacement
2 sheets of replacement
Kindly see the little instruction at the top of this page.
Or you may contact us via email info@woodtrick.com with all issues or etc.

We gladly will send you a new shhet. Please allow 10-30 business days for delivery as all the spare parts for our models are shipped directly from the warehouse.

p.s. Yes, we understand that the 9.99$ for a replacement can be expensive,
but, unfortunately, we haven't another choice.
it's a price for the one replacement sheet.
To make a replacement for you we have to separate assembling kits from other models.

Thank you for your understanding.