Oil derrick

About 2/3 of oil-producing companies all over the world use sucker-rod pumps, namely pumping units, which allow extracting, or rather “pumping out” oil directly from the bowels of the earth. This popular and convenient equipment has become a symbol of modern oil production. However, in order to understand how it works, it is better not to read about it, but to see it with your own eyes. But where to look for such a machine?
With Wood Trick💕, you don’t need to search for it; you can collect it with your own hands! The company offers eco-science toys that not only develop the creative imagination of the child, but also educate in various fields – automotive and industrial construction, architecture, robot-engineering, and so on. 👍Wooden oil derrick – a model that exactly repeats its real counterpart, it will visually show the child how modern companies extract oil, with what parts the machine starts up. A great advantage of the designer is that it can not only be assembled, but also set in motion!

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