New Assault gun AR-T

⭐️The masterpiece line of 💚Wood Trick💚 constructors was replenished with a unique souvenir-collection model – 💥Assault gun AR-T💥. This powerful constructor received maximum detailing, various fixation of the telescopic butt, the implementation of the fuse, as well as a clip👉 for 1️⃣2️⃣ rounds.
💫Inspired by machine guns of the M16 and AR15 series, we present😍 to you a bold combat kit with a universal strap for mounting on all planes.
🍃The originality of the environmental model provides indescribable tactical sensations when interacting with weapons.
⭐️Also a feature is the presence of a holder for a laser pointer😎, which is able to diversify your entertainment games!
💥💥💥 Enjoy 💚Wood Trick💚 models with your family!

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