Locomotive R17

🚂The first vehicles set in motion by mechanical engines created by mankind – it should be noted railway tracks with steam.
♦️Mechanical modeling of a steam rail locomotive approximately falls in 1801☝️.
♦️The founder of the locomotive is considered to be Richard Trevithick🧔.
♦️The terminology of railway technology quickly penetrated the system of the literary language and began to be used in journalism and fiction.✍️ So, in the story of A.P. Chekhov read📜: “It was a long freight train that was pulled by two locomotives.”
♦️This area of ​​activity interested 💚Wood Trick💚 and inspired the creation of the designer 🚂Locomotiv R17🚂.
♦️To a set of the constructor 🚂Locomotive R17🚂 includes not only the locomotive, but also a trailer and a fragment of a rail that the train can take.
🚂Locomotive R17🚂 is a perfect gift for both children and adults who are fond of modeling.

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