Exclusive model of the “Wood Trick” company – “Treasure box decorated with Swarovski® crystals

Since dawn of time, boxes were used for storing of valuables. In the XXI century, you can choose any product to your liking.
Wooden box 🌐Wood Trick🌐 is inlaid with shimmering crystals. Unsurpassed radiance inspired for creation of the organizer box. This is the best solution for storing your jewellery, fashion jewellery or small cosmetic products – nothing will be lost or damaged!
You can open the box, decorated with crystals, with a single smooth click on the button. At the same time, 7 branches are opened, creating a world of your luxuriousness. Dividing the internal space allows you to find quickly the necessary decoration. To close the box, just lower the lid, and all the parts will come together.
🌺The original execution of the model in the Eastern style captures with magic. It is extremely convenient to use such a box. It will delight you and your family.
“Treasure box decorated with Swarovski® crystals” is the perfect choice for a gift!

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