🏗🏗🏗The simplest cranes, like most other hoisting machines, were made of wood until the end of the 18th century👆. These machines were driven by hand🙌.
😍😏Have you seen a real crane, what are your impressions?
🙃As a rule, a crane is an integral part of any construction site🏭. You are definitely lucky, because 💚Wood Trick💚 produces a miniature real work building.
The wooden constructor 🏗Crane🏗 is the most interesting, the easiest to assemble and the most convenient to use. 👆👨‍👩‍👧👪According to our customers, this is a wonderful 3d model that can surprise both adults and our beloved children.
😍A great addition to the constructor 🏗Crane🏗 is a container for carrying goods with a mini motorcycle🏍.
🧩By purchasing 💚Wood Trick💚 products, you get – developing wooden constructors; a pleasant pastime in the family when assembling this masterpiece; Ideal for the interior of the hearth.

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