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The Gallery of assembled WoodTrick's 3D wooden puzzles.

The 'Tractor' wooden mechanical model is one of the most high-performance wooden models by Wood Trick. Difficult and interesting to assembling. And a model looks gorgeous at the end of work.

The 'Tractor' model will decorate your home or office.

Tractor wooden toy

Order your own 'Tractor' 3D puzzle model here.


The 'Quad Bike' and the 'Buggy' are perfect wooden mechanical models for future engineers with need for speed, for those who love dirt-bikes and ATV off-roading.

Assemble, ride and play.

buggy wooden toy

quad bike wooden toy

Order your own 'Quad Bike' 3D puzzle model here.
Order your own 'Buggy' 3D puzzle model here.


The 'Forklift' wooden mechanical model is a unique model that has a mechanical base and a transmission. This set includes three elements: the basic model of the forklift, a pallet, and a money box. You can control both the machine and the height of the forks for lifting and transporting pallet. 'Forklift' wooden 3D puzzle model is a great gift for kids and adults.

Assemble, build and play.

forklift wooden model

forklift wooden toy

Order your own 'Forklift' 3D puzzle model here.


Shooting game is one of most beloved boys games around the world. Almost every boy has a toy gun to play with his friends or invisible monsters. Now there is an opportunity to assemble wooden assault weapon on your own!

Assemble your weapon for the game!

assault weapon wooden toy

Order your own 'Assault Weapon' 3D puzzle model here.


Engineers are paid millions of dollars to design and construct oil derricks to pump oil from the ground. You can assemble your own 'Oil Derrick' and drill for oil in your backyard or your friend’s home!

Assemble, play and earn money on the drilling of oil.

oil derrick wooden toy

Order your own 'Oil Derrick' 3D puzzle model here.


Flight is one of humanity's greatest dreams! But building your own plane is an accomplishment that only a few had experienced. Assemble, play and fly!

plane wooden toy (2)

plane wooden toy

Order your own 'Plane' 3D puzzle model here.


You already have an 'Oil Derrick' station, so, it's time to get your own Tank Trailer to transport your oil!
The 'Tank Trailer' model is the addition to 'Big Rig'. It has a special hook to connect trailer with a vehicle. 'Big Rig' and 'Tank Trailer' is a perfect combination for your collection of wooden mechanical models.

Wooden Tank Trailer, toy, model

Order your own 'Tank Trailer' 3D puzzle model here.
Order your own 'Big Rig' 3D puzzle model here.


The 'First Car' is a wooden mechanical model of the first car ever built. Assembling this wooden 3D puzzle is both about engineering and discovery the history of technology. Take a drive into the past with the First Car!
Test yourself!

first car wooden toy

Order your own 'First Car' 3D puzzle model here.


Want more?! Check out our list of all wooden mechanical models.

wood trick wooden toys

Check out the list of Wood Trick's models and find your perfect wooden mechanical model.

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  • I received Locomotive R17 from my son for Christmas. Great way to pass the time during winter.

    Charles Stewart
  • Hi Margie!
    Thanks for your kind feedback.
    We sincerely hope your brother will enjoy assembling the Tractor model!
    Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

    Wood Trick Team

    Wood Trick Team
  • I ordered the bicycle because it was less expensive and has less pieces. I really wanted to see exactly what I was getting before I ordered the tractor as a gift. The puzzle was amazing!! The pieces stay in place with toothpicks, are very sturdy and easy to assemble. I broke one small piece and glued it together without realizing that there are extra pieces so my wheels won’t turn as they should….but this is a truly wonderful model!
    I am looking forward to seeing my 80-yr.old brother assemble the tractor!


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