🛶🛶🛶For many centuries, the appearance of the popular river transport in Venice has been modified several times🧚‍♂️.
📍The first mention of the gondola dates back to 1094.
🏝Gondolas, dissecting through the waves of the lagoon, are often called the most beautiful boats in the world, and are considered the “calling card”🌺 – one of the main attractions of Venice.
💫Modern evolutionary gondolas will evolve and become more exciting. 🏦Venice Municipality has defined the standards by which boats are made. ☝️They all weigh about 700 kg and consist of 280 pieces, cut from eight different types of wood🤩.
🛶🛶🛶A souvenir-collection model 🎀Gondola🎀 from the company 💚Wood Trick💚, consists of 82 ☝️3D puzzle pieces, and weighs only 705 g. 🦋This designer is made of high-quality material that has a hypoallergenic character.
☝️Our model 🎀Gondola🎀 is very attractive, neat, and with a little secret. If you turn the key a couple of times,🗝 a hidden box will come out of the side panel. 🥰👑In which you can store precious things family, or the same dear to the heart of the message.
📍It is easy to make wooden toys if they are made according to quality certificates.
⛳️Choosing us, you get – quality, happy smiles of children, and wonderful models from 💚Wood Trick💚

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