🛑⭕️🛑 COMING SOON! 🛑⭕️🛑 Hot Rod

2020, 💚Wood Trick💚 begins with the release of the wooden souvenir-collection model 🚘Hot Rod🚘. This model was created based on American cars of the 30s👆.
⭐️In the wooden constructor, the V8 engine, a classic body, spoke wide wheels, and a well-developed interior are clearly highlighted.
💁‍♂️ Already interested in our NEW? Then let’s go further👇
📍The number of parts in the model 🚘Hot Rod🚘 is 280. This constructor travels about 6️⃣7️⃣ meters. The winding is carried out with a special key, the presence of the gearbox allows the model to move equally, in both directions.
The descent is intuitive to use.
⭐️Wood Trick💚 🚘Hot Rod🚘 wooden constructor, is able to gain the highest possible speed. This model is ideal for both gift and family entertainment👨👩👧👦.

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